I drew this after receiving the adenoma diagnosis in 1999

Psalm 19

Psalm 19
Pat Garcia receiving the sunrise. Photo: Victor Alonso Martinez Garcia

The journey.....................................

marathon of life: How did all this begin?

I was coming out of the bathroom after taking a shower I felt a strange dizziness and sat down at the couch. One hour later I "woke up" I felt strange .................. more

Dioko in greek means to follow or press hard after, to pursue with earnestness and diligence in order to obtain, to go after with the desire of obtaining.

marathon of life: Surviving a brain tumor

As we face many storms faith is like an anchor that keeps us from drifting and casting away in order to continue our journey, sometimes facing frightening waves, sometimes on dry desert land or cold inhospitable weather .

Marathon of life: Finding out about Epylepsy

At least I knew what was attacking my body I knew what was happening yet it was so painful. Thyrotoxic episodes were exacerbating seizures.

In patients with established epilepsy (including generalized epilepsy syndromes), seizures and paroxysmal EEG
abnormalities can be exacerbated by hyperthyroidism In other patients, focal or generalized seizures occur only during thyrotoxic episodes. Seizure exacerbations usually remit when patients become euthyroid with treatment.

My art and epylepsy: Creative Sparks

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

I´ve Lost a Piece of Me

Hey! I´ve lost a piece of me.....somehow, somewhere....
Don´t know what it is, don´t know how I can fill it in. How can I replace it?
Should I just leave the blank.

Tried to see the moon last night, it was hidden from my eyes
a tree, a cloud....
It looked at me from "penunmbras" yet iit could hurt me not, dissapoint me not.....

Later I found out... it was a blood moon at sunrise, I saw it before...
just didn´t know what was coming, or happening
didn´t recognize the signs.
Didn´t I? Did I?

Well.... I´ve lost a piece of me.

Patricia García

October 8th  2014
When we lost someone dear, when we are rejected or abused it can cause a huge gap in our hearts, dissapointments and failures can leave us with a great void, an wound that hurts or one that is numb from shock.

Only God can fill us with His presence..... He calls us to draw near...
Ephesians 3:19
Psalms 16:11

Friday, September 26, 2014

Aftermath Hurricane Odile in La Paz

I could finally enjoy my first warm shower yesterday....because I was getting unused to it I had a bit of difficulty to regulate the hot and cold water to get the right temperature. I thank God for that little luxury yet my heart grieves for the thousands of people who have no water or house or anything.
This month of September I began to express in writing so many but so many things I´ve kept in my heart without imagining the course of transcendental events that would add circumstances that I have not yet assimilated, conceptualized or evaluated as damage in order to be able to heal, restore and transform into a lesson of a life transforming experience. All that I can say is that I´ve placed my hope and faith as an anchor for my soul, I´m counting my blessings.

So many tears that refuse ton flow...... so many tears trapped inside my heart......
How I long to be alone... so they may flow....

When God begins to work in a heart in a life there will be tears. ,  tears of pain, tears of frustration,  Tears of conviction , tears of Repentance , tears of Joy.
There is no such thing as a dry eyed revival . There must be tears .

After facing life-threatening situations, people often say, “I saw my entire life flash before my eyes.” That’s the picture we get in Philippians 1:11.
“The fruit of righteousness” refers to what is produced in you as you operate in love, pursue excellence, and maintain your integrity. It includes every attitude and action consistent with God’s standard of what is right.
“Having been filled” speaks of something that happened in the past with continuing results. At your salvation the seed of righteousness was planted within you. It bears righteous fruit throughout your lifetime. On the day of Christ that fruit will confirm your salvation.
Fruitfulness has always been the acid test of true salvation. Jesus said, “If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine” (John 8:31)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Hurricane Odile hits La Paz and Los Cabos

La Paz Baja California Sur México

It was finally last night that my heart ached and hurt feeling the agony of what´s happening to my beautiful pce of heaven.

After being evacuated from the stadium where we enjoyed the Panamerican U18 (Mexico vs. Canada, U.S.A vs. Cuba which was cancelled. U.S.A was winning. Great game!

Hurricane Odile seemed to have just knocked down our loved 25 year old tree that held so many memories and family momentums and made our stairway into a waterfall with water that came in through the balcony door.

Our favorite tree.....floor damage
We spent the  night mopping and drying.......trying to keep it from damaging our furniture as we heard the horrifying whizzing sound of the wind hitting us, don´t know if it was my imagination but our firm cement brick house seemed to vibrate and shake. We felt sad about our loss, we had no electricity or communications, little did we know of the magnitude of the tragedy that hit the state.

Cleaning up our garden

In Cabo
‘It just hit like a pile driver’In four years of living in Cabo San Lucas, Justin Dow said he’d never seen anything like it.“It just hit like a pile driver. It was so vicious that the house was shaking. The noises were so scary,” Dow said, describing his experience hearing the storm hit. “The entire downstairs had at least an inch or more of water. You could just hear the destruction
Destruction at RIU Santa Fe, Los Cabo. Courtesy of Brad Lutz of Delta. 

There are terrible and violent stories of Cabo, I rather write about noble heart stories in the midst of destruction. Human Spirits who refuse to go along wicked, frantic desperate evil acts of survival.
People who do good.....
After hurricane Odile 
On Sept. 12, Christina Hanson and two co-workers from a San Diego medical device firm flew down for the weekend. The first two days were ideal, full of sun and margaritas. Then Odile hit, and Hanson and her friends raced to the hotel’s storm shelter and, when high winds demolished the windows there, into a stairwell.
After the storm had passed, the San Diegans shared a suite with three others. There was electricity, but the women had running water and three hot meals a day. The latter were delivered by employees of the Club Regina Los Cabos, some of whom had lost their own homes.

 Keno, who had never experienced a hurricane, said she sat at the Villa Del Arco hotel with her daughter, Morgan, and her friends hoping for the best. The Villa Del Arco had a generator and it wasn’t as devastated as other properties, which meant guests at neighboring hotels sought shelter there. Keno said she was amazed by the outpouring of aid — particularly from the hotel workers who didn’t go home.
“They took really great care of us. They put us in a shelter. We had sandwiches, we had water. We felt safe (despite reports of looting),” Keno said.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Spoon Theory and Hypothyroidism.

I ran into The Spoon Theory written by Christine Miserandino and I was amazed to read how well she describes and explains the lack of energy caused by chronic illness, being Lupus the disease that Christine has to live with.There are other chronic diseases that cause similar symptoms, specially if they are the inmunological kind. It is important to know about this theory which can help us and motivate us to save and manage the energy we have during the day, which is in the case of chronic illness limited. This theory measures our amount of energy in spoons, if we can say it that way. We basically get 12 spoons a day.... sometimes less.

It is so real and so difficult for healthy people to understand, my husband who´s lived with me and my thyroid condition for many, many years said a couple of months ago " I just don´t understand you, a few days ago you didn´t even want to eat or prepare supper claiming you were very very  sleepy and tonight you don´t even want to go to bed, you´re there obssessed working and writing and doing so many things." 
I had to breath in, breath out and say " Don´t forget one of the main symptoms of hypothyroidism is the lack of energy and if the thyroid goes a bit to the hyperthyroid side..... there´s too much energy. That´s why I have to take medication, I´m not a "normal" stable healthy person.....

I gave up ironing for the family a long time ago, I decided to spend my energy on something else and have indeed felt misunderstood. There are other activities I´ve forced myself to do, just to avoid people´s incomprehension and unasked for opinions and comments.

Reading about the spoon theory and identifying  with Christine Miserandino has eased the insecurity and guilt I´ve felt for not living up to other people´s standards. I´ve managed to do well but now that I´m going through hormone fluctuations because of menopause I find myself to be extremely sensitive and mellow....maybe I shall say a bit depressive, having a very difficult time to cope with the stress of daily living.... it´s like carrying life on one´s shoulders and gathering all of one´s strength to take the next step.... the image of a weight lifter competing at the olympics comes to mind, such effort. And we do something similar for practically every task of the day, somedays, sometimes. Somedays we just don´t do....we just don´t make the effort.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Circadian Rhythm Affected by Food and Light Exposure

The tightly intertwined proteins CLOCK and BMAL1 act as key regulators of circadian rhythms.
Credit: Image: Joseph Takahashi

Interesting information about circadian rhythm being affected by food and light exposure, therefor our lifestyle practices can enhance natural circadian rhythms.
  • Light:  We´re advised to get daytime sun exposure, and sleep in a totally darkened room.
  • Food: It is advised to eat during daylight hours, so food rhythms and light rhythms are in synchronized
  • Intermittent fasting: It is believed that concentrating food intake during an 8-hour window at daylight hours, preferably the afternoon followed by an 16-hour fast leads to lower blood sugar and insulin levels, and a more intense hormonal response to food that results from concentration of daily calories into the short 8-hour time window mentioned before, which therefore accentuate the diurnal rhythm.
  • Adequate carb intake:  Eat at least 400 “safe starch” carbohydrate calories daily during the afternoon feeding window. Relative to a very low-carb diet, this will increase daytime insulin release and, by increasing insulin sensitivity, may reduce fasting insulin levels. It will thus enhance diurnal insulin rhythm.

The Circadian Clock and Hypothyroidism

The thyroid follows circadian rhythms. There is a circadian pattern to TSH levels:  high at night, low during the day.The thyroid’s circadian pattern is diminished in autoimmune hypothyroidism.Circadian rhythms have powerful influences on many biological processes, and disrupted circadian rhythms are a common feature of disease. Without clinical trials it’s impossible to be sure, but efforts to enhance circadian rhythms may be therapeutic for diseases such as hypothyroidism.

Intermittent fasting, daytime light exposure, excluding light from the bedroom, night fasting and daytime feeding are simple practices. But they may be under appreciated keys to good health.

Health and Well being can be improved  by Controlling Circadian Disruption 

Circadian Rhythm is derived from the Latin words circa dies meaning "approximately a day

The reason visible light has such a powerful effect on human health is that light exposure through the eye modifies circadian rhythm (Gaddy et al., 1993; Roberts, 1995; Czeisler et al., 1995). 

Although there may be some modification of the circadian cycle with food (Mendoza et al., 2010; Mendoza, 2007) and temperature (Van Someren, 2000a), the most powerful external stimulus for synchronizing (entraining) circadian rhythm to a 24 hour cyclic is exposure to the light of day and darkness at night. 

 Sunflowers movements follow a circadian response.

Circadian Rhythm of T4/T3
I´ve learned there are  hormones in the body that have a circadian rhythm, they are not secreted in a steady way throughout the day but follows a set pattern that is repeated every twenty-four hours and is linked to sleeping and waking, or daylight and night patterns.
Research has confirmed that in humans the circadian rhythm of TSH with a peak level occurring at around 0240 h and levels remaining above the mesor from 2020–0820 h.
It has beeb demonstrated that FT3 levels peak approximately 90 min after TSH levels at around 0404 h and remain above the median level from 2200–1000 h.

Circadian variations of thyrotropin.
Circadian rhythm of TSH secretion is characterized by a pronounced nocturnal increment that is not followed by the expected rise of circulating thyroid hormone levels.The nocturnal TSH surge was not followed by any increase in free thyroid hormone levels. In normal subjects, the daytime ratio of TSH bioactivity to immunoreactivity (TSH B/I) was higher than the nocturnal one [1.4 +/- 0.6 (+/- SD) vs. 1.1 +/- 0.6; P < 0.02]. 
In sPH patients, the TSH circadian rhythm is restored during L-T4 administration, and day/night differences in TSH B/I similar to those recorded in normal subjects are observed.

Effects of evening vs morning thyroxine ingestion 

A significant difference in TSH and thyroid hormones was found after switching to bedtime administration of l-thyroxine.
l-thyroxine taken at bedtime by patients with primary hypothyroidism is associated with higher thyroid hormone concentrations and lower TSH concentrations compared to the same l-thyroxine dose taken in the morning. At the same time, the circadian TSH rhythm stays intact. Our findings are best explained by a better gastrointestinal uptake of l-thyroxine during the night.



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